Nursery school in Vauxhall Park, London

We know how difficult it can be to entrust your child to the care of someone else, especially at such a young age when the rate of learning and development is quicker than at any other time in their lives.


We want you to feel confident that at The Oval Montessori Nursery in Vauxhall Park, London. We deliver the most stimulating and flexible learning programme where each child’s needs are planned and provided for.


A day in the life at The Oval Montessori Nursery seeks to give your child the complete experience. Education and fun take place both indoors and in the park. Your children will be treated as individuals, they will be challenged yet will feel safe and secure at The Oval Montessori Nursery.

A typical day at The Oval Montessori Nursery:




09:00 Children arrive:

  • Put smocks and indoor pumps on


09:30 Circle time:

  • Introduce any new children, staff or visitors

  • Register

  • Songs

  • Introduce project of the week with physical aids, books, pictures etc

  • 'Show and tell' and weekend news (Monday)

  • Story


10:00 Work time:

  • Group project work

  • Individual Montessori work and lessons

  • 'Free choice' work and play


11:15 Circle time:

  • 'Letter of the week' and project

  • Songs, musical instruments and drama

  • Calendar, weather and time

  • Story


11:40 Snack time


11:50 Play outside:

  • Different areas of the park are used


12:30 Home time:





12:30 Lunch time:

  • Children bring in their own packed lunch


13:00 'Quiet time':

  • Children look at books and play quietly whilst others finish lunch and tables are cleared


13:35 Work time


14:25 Circle time


15:00 Home time

Call The Oval Montessori Nursery on

020 7735 4816 for a friendly nursery school and the perfect start to your child's education.

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